We Out Here: Maggie Andrew

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Maggie Andrew is creating quite the success story for herself. Originally from Waverley, Nova Scotia, she has since made the trek out to L.A. to elbow rub with some elites in the music biz and now finds herself currently settled in Squamish, BC.

Her debut single we are featuring this week right here on Virgin Radio is 'Sleep 4Ever' and has caught the attention of artist's such as Miguel, Black Bear and Diplo... just to name a few.

If you haven't listened to it [yet] I asked Maggie to describe the track and why she chose it to be her first release:

'Sleep 4Ever has a super moody, dreamy and eclectic sound. It felt like the right song to put out as my debut because it pulls a few genres together, ie; pop, alternative and a little trap. Which is great because as a creative, I never want to be limited to or categorized into only making one specific genre of music, genre bending is really cool to me.'

When asked how it feels to finally have this gem out and if this track is part of a bigger project she had this to say,

'Finally having been able to release this track has been absolutely insane. I'm so so happy I'm finally able to start sharing these projects I've been working on. Getting Sleep 4Ever out was just the start to something bigger, so the inspiration and drive to keep crushing it has grown like, 100000x hahaha!! Feels amazing! Sleep 4Ever was just a single. But,  I'm planning on releasing an EP in the fall, haha surprise!!'

Okay, so.. YAY! More to come sooner than later.

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