We Out Here: Pineo & Loeb


Always a pleasure having Halifax producers Pineo & Loeb on our station. This week they are back with a new release featuring Glass Tiger and Matt Mays! The song is called 'This Is Your Life' and I don't know about you but when I hear it I get in my 'Molly Ringwald always gets the guy' brat pack movie feels. Take a listen to our Virgin Radio teaser below. 

Feel me? 

What a cool coming together of three generations of talented Canadian acts. 

Catch Pineo & Loeb live this Saturday and next at the newly renovated Pacifico before they embark on the nation wide 'Intergalactic' tour. 

Pineo & Loeb are no stranger to award nominations and wins, this year they are up for Electronic Recording of the Year for their album 'Elevation' at this year's ECMA's

Give the boys a follow: 








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