We Out Here: Shevy Price


This week on 'We Out Here' I am pleased to showcase a wicked emcee, performer, and just all around wicked artist... Shevy Price. Shevy is no stranger to the scene and is back with her new track 'Run Run' ft. Jenjer Ricci and alvie the skywalker

Artwork by: Ghettosocks

Shevy Price has an ear for good beats - and when you pair that with her raw lyricism, unique style and just all around boss ass attitude, it's nothing short of pure fire. 

Part of the unstoppable Sip Set crew, Shevy Price was recently featured on the Aquasocks album [Ghettosocks and Aquakultre] 'Holos' and will be rockin' the album release party tonight [Friday, May 31] at The Mayflower Club --> https://bit.ly/2Qw6B54

Fun fact? Shevy Price stepped out of the box in 2016 and did a verse for Country star, Dean Brody's 'Beautiful Freakshow' and that wound up getting her a co-writing credit for the song and earning her the title of the first female rapper ever to perform at the Canadian Country Music Awards. Oh yeah, and IT WENT GOLD!

Shevy is also heavily involved in our community in various projects, including 'The Remix Project' that just hit Halifax for the first time this year. Take a listen to our chat at the bottom of this blog! And make sure to follow along on all of her socials: 





Here's a lil teaser: 

Be sure to also check out alvie the skywalker, who produced the track. 



He said, “The original production was created in search of a sound for Jenjer Ricci’s new material. We wanted to capture the vogue, dance, and LGBTQ waves from years past. I watched a documentary to catch the essence and that led to the production its self. The end result didn’t fit Jenjer’s trajectory sonically so I decided to attach the beat to a pack I sent over to Shevy. Once Shevy sent back that boss ass reference with her hook and verse I knew it’ll be a cherry on top and full circle to have Jenjer come in on the second verse. I have a very heathy work relationship with both emcees so it’s nice to see the collaboration come to life.”

When Jenjer Ricci heard the beat, she said it moved her right away. Check her... 



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She said, “When I first heard the beat I felt a sense a liberation. Without thought, my body started to move. It reminded of the authentic vogue ball room scene where everyone expressed themselves through dancing. Where everyone lived out loudly. But when I heard Shevy’s verse and hook, I knew this was bold. Shevy approached it like a titan. She represented a fearless woman. Therefore I wrote lyrics that I knew would make us undefeated. Lyrically, I just focused on real experiences. “ she don’t like girl but she wanna f me, she’ll take the strap she’s not eating p***y” lol. I through in some dating tips for my little sister, and spoke on my everlasting skills. “ my gifts are undying, immortal behaviour, I make dwarfs out of giants..” This was a great experience, and an even greater song. Bless!”

Now, RUN RUN ya'll!!