What To Watch: October 2019

Kat's Blog- What To Watch Oct 2019

It’s officially SPOOKY SZN! It’s getting chilly outside and the only way to warm up is grab some snacks, a warm blanket and watch all the scary movies and TV shows!!



Riverdale (season 4) NETFLIX

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK- CRAVE (October 3)


Big Mouth (season 3)- NETFLIX (October 4th)

Raising Dion- NETFLIX (October 4th)

In the Tall Grass- NETFLIX (October 4th)

Rhythm + Flow – NETFLIX (Weekly episodes starting October 9th)

Dolemite Is My Name- NETFLIX (Weekly episodes starting October 10th)

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie- NETFLIX (October 11th)

Dynasty-NETFLIX (Weekly episodes starting October 12th)

Eli- NETFLIX (October 18th)

Living With Yourself -NETFLIX (October 18th)

The Laundromat-NETFLIX (October 18TH)

Watchmen- CRAVE (October 20)

Jenny Slate: Stage Fright-NETFLIX (October 22nd)


Daybreak – NETFLIX (October 24th)