BABA NO BABY (formerly known as Yung Jalap) is teenage Arab-Canadian hip-hop artist who makes trap/drill songs with old school boom-bap influences. BABA grew up as Ahmed in Sydney River, Nova Scotia. He strives to incorporate his Saudi Arabian culture into his music and inspire other young Middle Eastern artists. Ahmed has been recording music since he was 14 and was fuelled by some early success on Soundcloud. In January 2020 he released his first single to major streaming platforms, “The 80’s” (released under Yung Jalap) put him on the map of Canada’s East Coast Scene. His debut LP “MIXED EMOTIONS” was mostly recorded while visiting family in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but mixed and mastered in Whitney Pier, Nova Scotia. It is now streaming with production credits from sunsetto, Matty Galaxy, and My Best Friend Jacob.


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