Braden Lam


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Blending authentic songwriting with modern indie flare, Braden Lam is forging the path to a new 21st century folk-pop. The young artist from Halifax, NS takes listeners on a journey of growth and aspiration, trying to find the ideal balance between art and responsibility. It’s a soundtrack for driving and singing along to, for late night heart-to-hearts and Sunday morning papers, for growing up and letting go.

Inspired by the honest storytelling and heart-pulling melodies of songwriters like The Lumineers, Phoebe Bridgers, and Vance Joy, Lam’s own craft is a study in the day-to-day, with a sharp, specific eye and a knack for expressing observations universally.

On his latest single “Silence”, Braden Lam links up with Mi'kmaq rap artist Wolf Castle for a thoughtful, socially charged spin on the rap feature song with this near-ballad. Though it began as an isolation-era observation of personal relationships, thanks to the artists’ collaboration the song’s scope expanded to create a sobering yet hopeful melody for the future, knowing that they’re stronger for using their voices together.

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