Emma Stevens, SHiFT FROM THA 902 & Morgan Toney


An excerpt about the song: 

"Vaccine hesitancy is a known issue in rural Nova Scotia, along with many areas across Canada. 

This spring, three Indigenous musicians from Eskasoni, Wekoqmaq, and Wagmatcook were given funding from the Nova Scotia government to create a song about hope and healing in the wake of Covid-19 to help promote a message of vaccine confidence among young adults. 

Musicians Emma Stevens, SHiFT FROM THA 902 [ Todd Googoo ] and Morgan Toney along with Keith Mullins, wrote and performed Wela'lin which means 'Thank You' in Mi'kmaq. 

Inuit Director, Stephanie Joline brought Wela'lin to life showcasing the beauty of community and the passion behind spreading hope and information to protect the people we love, as we work towards a safer future."

Check out the video here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnMBqTeAsLo


An excerpt on CCS: 

Canadian Content Studios is owned by Sylvia Beirnes and Jonathan Torrens.

Canadian Content Studios works to create meaningful content with voices that deserve to be heard. CCS is proud to have worked with the Nova Scotia government and this talented group of musicians and film makers on Wela'lin. Other CCS projects include Lead With Love, Who Do You Think I Am?, Your Two Cents and Nova Scotia Remembers: A Loving Tribute To Those We Lost