KittyBass is one of the East Coast dance music scene's most versatile DJs, effortlessly switching between styles such as grime, bassline, U.K. garage and dubstep. Katie’s selection of rugged and varied styles of electronic music turns the heads of the underground. She has continued to gain serious momentum over the course of her career by earning bookings from some of the biggest clubs in The Maritimes and beyond, playing Valhalla Sound Circus in Montreal, Future Forest, and opening for heavy hitters such as Dr. Fresch, Craymak, Distinct Motive, Wraz, Cloverdale, Substance, Sleevless records’ Stylust Beats, The Librarian, Aaron Jackson, Ryan Playground, Chuurch and many more. KittyBass is becoming increasingly hard to ignore and her growing fan base clearly has a lot to look forward to!

KittyBass has just dropped her first EP [ Hypatia ] and right now you can catch a teaser of her track 'Move It' featuring Dr. Midnight.

Check 'em both below: