Megan St. Rose


Megan St. Rose is an independent artist based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Listening to a wide variety of genres, her usual style is influenced by laid back soulful vibes with a grungy rock attitude. 

The lockdown came as an opportunity to create, experimenting with a limited Instagram live series "LIVE from the bunker" located at Megan's home studio. Post-pandemic, she shared her return to the big stage with Classified and O'Sound at 'Reachability's Because I Have A Voice' concert and earlier this summer opened for Soli Production's 'This Is Us' Fashion Show. During this tim, she has also taken her collaborative efforts towards Halifax's heavy metal scene with a new project involving members from Halifax's own Hitman and Dark Shrine.

Her new single 'Never Say Never' brings a more contemporary, upbeat sound in an effort to inspire listeners during a stressful time worldwide. 

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