Shay Pitts


Shay Pitts is a nineteen-year-old singer, rapper and songwriter. Born in Nova Scotia, Shay began writing music of her own at the young age of thirteen in 2016. She began to make a name for herself in the Halifax music scene with her inspiring lyrics and confident stage presence. Her empowering lyrics encourage listeners to be unapologetically authentic, and with her fusion of pop, r&b, and hip-hop on a single track, it’s impossible to mistake Shay Pitts for anyone else. Having showcased her talent at the ECMA’s, the Hopscotch Festival, and the Halifax Jazz Festival among many other performances, Shay has begun to solidify her presence in the industry, and it doesn’t look like she plans on stopping anytime soon.

Having done a handful of features, Shay shows she’s not afraid of versatility. From her feature on Jody Upshaw’s dance pop single “Glitter & Gold”, to her appearance on Jayden Austin’s rap song “Switchin’ Lanes”, Shay is constantly proving herself to be capable of holding her own in a variety of different genres. The same can be proven on her 2019 debut EP “Glory”, where she starts the project off with a hip-hop track and surprises listeners with another track in with a west-coast inspired r&b funk track.

Currently, Shay is working behind the scenes on her second EP, and is starting off the rollout with the release of her lead single “Whatcha Say”.