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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • Friday May 26 Hour 4 – Does Richard Crouse Like These Movies | Slow News Day

    Find out how Richard Crouse, CTV’s movie critic, rated these movies you can watch this weekend. NEWSTALK Tonight crew takes a guess, and you can play along. On Slow News Day with producer Tony we visit at story about a dog that can talk.

  • Friday May 26 Hour 3 – ChatGPT Privacy | Cash Stuffing | The Feels | Streaming This Week

    More Canadian privacy authorities investigating ChatGPT's use of personal information. We talk to Daniel Tsai - Law & Tech Professor TMU

    Jessica Moorhouse, Money Expert, Speaker & Host of the More Money Podcast joins us to talk about why Gen Z is ditching credit cards for 'cash stuffing' in '90s throwback.

    On the Feels it’s the feel good stories of the week? Jim tries to make the crew cry.

    Streaming This Week with TV Critic Amber Dowling – find out what you can watch on your favourite online service, this weekend


  • Friday May 26 Hour 2 – Train of Thoughts | Migrant Integration | Laura Fixes Everything

    We take a ride on the rails within Jim’s Train of Thoughts – the race continues…

    Is running through cemeteries wrong? We take your calls.

    Anna Triandafyllidou is the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration and she joins the show to discuss a 7-year program hopes to find out how migrants will integrate into Canadian society.

    Laura Fixes Everything. Comms expert Laura Babcock helps us manage a few crisis in the news this past week.