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Anne Skrynsky

The 12 most common mistakes that advertisers make... 

1.    The desire for instant gratification

 -                     Advertising does not work this way.

-                      You have to earn your customers’ trust.

-                      Be good at what you do and tell as many people as you can as often as you can.

-                      Never build your business on price alone because the person who shops for price alone will switch away from you as quickly as they switch to you.

-                      It is like eating well and exercising; the longer you do it the better you will feel.

-                      Uncover your unique selling position; focus your campaign; communicate your message.


2.    Attempt to reach more people than your budget will allow

-                      Reach 100% of the people and convince them 10% of the way or better yet, reach 10% of the people and convince them 100% of the way.

-                      Buying off prime time.

-                      Drive your message home.

-                      Reach people 3 times within 7 days.


3.    Assuming the business owner knows best

-                      They are uniquely unqualified to know how to reach their customer.

-                      Know what the customer really needs.  People don’t really want ¼” drill bits, they are looking for ¼” holes.


4.    Unsubstantiated claims

-                      Don’t go for simply just name recognition.

-                      “Recall moment” be there, describe that moment to the customer so that when his moment comes, he will think of you.


5.    Improper use of passive media

-                      There is a time and place for this, but you have to have used intrusive media first.

-                      Emotion creates desire!


6.    Creating ads instead of campaigns

-                      It takes a series of connected ads to make a campaign.


7.    Obedience to unwritten rules

-                      If you are going to lead, you have to go where no one else is willing to go.


8.    Late week schedules

-                      Don’t try to reach your customers last minute.

-                      Win their hearts ahead of time.

-                      You will have early week to yourself.


9.    Assuming the decision-maker is the only one you need to reach

-                      Other people influence the decision-maker.

-                      Example:  McDonald’s reaches children although parents make decisions.

-                      Impress deeply.


10.   Event-driven marketing

-                      When event is over, the commercial is over; ad is gone.

-                      Hard to reach people.

-                      Advertising schedule should be effective as long as company plans to stay in business.


11.   Great production without great creative

-                      Ad must be informative and believable.


12.   Confusing response with results

-                      If you are looking to get response you will end up with “slick” ads that are not informative or believable.

-                      Measuring response and not results is one of the greatest mistakes advertisers make.

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