Turk, Megan & Amateur Alex

Turk, Megan & Amateur Alex NEW

“What’s up HRM? It’s Turk, Megan & Amateur Alex! Hope you can join us every weekday morning 5:30 until 9 and on the weekends as well… If you want to join us in our personal homes. But let’s get serious here…

They asked us ‘What is your show about?’ We quickly responded with ‘DON’T KNOW.’ Much like the most of you, we just like to have a good time. If you’re all about laughter and fun, join us on air, on social media, on the phones, even text us. We would love to interact with you. Seriously though, if you want to join us on the weekends at home, we were kind of lying about that… Maybe not Megan.”

–Turk, Megan & Amateur Alex

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