Final fundraising tallies in from mayoral frontrunners

The candidates leading Edmonton's mayoral race have finalized and published their fundraising lists.

Amarjeet Sohi, who released the donations he received from the start of the campaign to Oct. 8, shared the total contributions he received Sunday afternoon.

The list groups donors according to monetary levels. At minimum, Sohi received $475,900. According to the upper boundaries of the donation contribution levels, more than $1.23 million was donated to Sohi.

“I hope in this list of donors, you will see a diverse community coming together to support an inclusive and collaborative vision for Edmonton,” a blog post on Sohi’s website read.

More than 1,420 people donated to support his bid for mayor.


Michael Oshry disclosed most of his campaign donations on Saturday, pegging his contributions at more than $136,500, at minimum.

Oshry only shared the number of people that donated either $1,000 or more, and between $250 and $999. He had 115 people donate $1,000 or more to his campaign and 86 gave between $250 and $999.

Of the disclosed amounts, at maximum, Oshry raised more than $660,900.


Cheryll Watson received money from more than 300 people, totalling between $198,000 and $259,000.

Her list, too, grouped donations according to funding level. There were 50-some people who donated under the $50, $501-$3,000 and more than $3,000 categories.

The largest number of people, 151, donated between $51 and $500.


The race's other frontrunners released their lists earlier in the campaign.

Sohi and Mike Nickel lead the others in fundraising, each with a minimum of more than $400,000.

Behind them rank Watson, then Kim Krushell with a minimum of $185,000, and Oshry.

Diana Steele released her campaign expenditures and also a list of people who donated.

Outgoing mayor Don Iveson raised $618,000 during his campaign in 2013 and $396,000 when he campaigned for his second term in 2017, according to donor lists he released.

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