Are minivans the COOLEST? Some say it is so...


"But for real. The Sienna has like 300 hp. It is a rocket. The leather seats are better than most home chairs!!".

I received this text from a friend with this video, after discussing how cool minivans actually are on our show. My mother in law loved hers so much she's getting another one!


First of all, the video is MONEY. Second, is this where my life is headed? With my baby Bowie being over 6 months old now, and our current vehicle being close to 20 years old, I need to start thinking about the future's transportation. I want to be the soccer coach dad. I want to take her to dance class. I wanna pack up the van with her friends and head off to Scandia for some insanity!


I DO love SUVs though, and this seems to be the other close alternative to a minivan. I was always thinking this would be the vehicle I choose. I feel like I'm becoming more open to the 'coolness' of minivans, and I can't decide whether this is cool or the OPPOSITE.


What do YOU think I should get for my family? Only 3 of us, and not sure if we'll try to add a fourth! :)