OUR 2ND of 3 pranks!! Check out how Karly pretends to be a talent agent doing a reference check on B Mack! The catch? It's ALL FAKE!!! We wanted to find out which of his buddies is truly his BEST friend, and would lie and stretch the truth THE MOST to help him get 'a new job'.... #BMackandKarly I saw this prank done a long time ago and have been waiting for the right moment, YEARS LATER, to do this to my best friends, and see who ACTUALLY should be my 'best man'. The prank is that I'm trying to see how far they would go to make me look good towards an interviewer who may hire me for a new job. The only thing is, the interviewer is KARLY, and she is pretending to be scouting for a movie set. And I may have lied to my friends... how rude of me!! I started prepping them weeks in advance so they were expecting a potential phone call from a job interviewer, and I instructed them to LIE! I told them that I kinda freaked and started saying stuff when they first called me about the potential job, and that I said I spoke a bunch of languages, did way more charity work than i actually do, and to just not hold back. To brag about me as best as you can, so that I can get this job! Here's what happened, and it's up to you to listen to all 3 to help determine which one is my ACTUAL best friend! Good times... :)