• Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • This Week In Science with Dan Riskin

    Friend of the Overnight and our favourite scientist Dan Riskin is CTV's science expert, has hosted Daily Planet, and joins the show to discuss this weeks coolest science stories! This week, we discuss black holes and earth quakes
  • The Shaft

    The "Shaft." Those times in life you got the short end of the stick: the "shaft". Could be at work, it could be in dating, or maybe when you reached for that last banana at the grocery store someone grabbed it before you. Tell us about the times you got shafted.
  • Oops I Dated Again with Natasha Vinik

    Comedian Natasha Vinik joins us for our weekly segment, Oops, I Dated Again! Natasha shares regular dating stories. This week, Natasha discusses a weird date she had with one of the 'coopers'; and how she sends a scripted text as a break up note. Also, she answers some dating related questions. Would Natasha date someone with the same name as her dad? Listen to find out.
  • Games Night with Tony Five | Lydia's Lane

    Games Night with foreign correspondent Tony Five includes "Would You Go Down On Danny DeVito" and Taylor Swift Trivia Producer Lydia joins the show to talk about how she has been shafted.
  • Untitled Political Segment with Trevor Mayoh

    "Untitled Political Segment" with political commentator Trevor Mayoh Tonight we discuss a worker shortage in the restaurant industry, fertility benefits as a possible perk; the Ottawa school dress code being protested by students and parents; and more.
  • Buyer's Remorse | Lydia's Lane | Rockstar, Porn Star or Britney Spears Song

    Today's call in topic is Buyer's remorse. The things you’ve bought and then regretted. Producer Lydia joins in to talk about her buyers remorse. A game of Rockstar, Porn Star or Britney Spears Song with producer Tony!
  • Serious Sunday with Tony Five

    David Cooper is joined by Foreign correspondent Tony Five live from London, England for an episode of Serious Sunday. Tonight we discuss 'the meaning of life'
  • Sex Ed. With Samantha Bitty

    Samantha Bitty is a sexual health and consent educator, speaker, certified Emotional Intelligence coach and social change entrepreneur. She joins the Overnight Show every week to discuss, sex and relationships. This week: Getting back into dating after a hiatus! Learn more about Samantha Bitty at her website or check her out on Twitter and Insta @Samantha_Bitty #sexhealth #consent #sexeducation

Reshmi Nair, host of "Outbreak: The Facts and Fiction of the Coronavirus" asks Dan Riskin, Bell Media science expert and Dr. Isaac Bogoch, Infectious disease physician at Toronto General Hospital YOUR questions about COVID-19