In the Know in YLW, get road trip ready with Keppler and CSN Collision Centres

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It’s summer road trip time!!!! Usually, I just love to pack the car with what I need at my destination, and I’m off! But, as I spoke with Nathan from CSN collision centres, that shouldn’t be the case. I need to make sure my vehicle is road trip ready, and that we have plenty of supplies for any situation.

Make sure you’ve got your car ready by checking on your fluids, and tires before you head out of the city. It’s important to have plenty of snacks, and water in case you get delayed along the way (In the summer this can happen just about anywhere in BC). Nathan also said to make sure you have a paper map on you. At first, I thought that one was silly, but there are many areas that do not have cell reception, and it’s important to be ready for anything. Finally, make sure you share your planned route with family and friends, and always leave a note. 

These are just a few tips from Nathan that you can use to make sure your vehicle, and your family is road trip ready!

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