2 Men Shot On Set Of 42 Dugg, Roddy Ricch Video


Two men were shot and another man was injured on the set of a music video for 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch on Sunday afternoon in Atlanta.

Neither rapper was hurt.

According to WSB-TV, a medic who was on set to do COVID-19 testing said people scattered when the shots started around 4 p.m.

“Everyone started running, trying to get out. Or take cover, lot of places to take cover in there,” said Teresa Lakes.

42 Dugg, aka 26-year-old Dion Hayes, later went on Instagram Live with Lil Baby. “We ain’t been around no gun shooting, none of that,” said Dugg. “Real talk, man. We good...Thanks for the love, though. I appreciate the love, though.”

Dugg was convicted in 2010 of carjacking and firearm charges. Last March he was indicted in Georgia for possession of a firearm in violation of his probation conditions. Dugg was also charged last June with fleeing police after a traffic stop in his native Michigan.

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