Aaron Carter Cancels Shows To Focus On Health


This article has been updated since it was first published.

Troubled pop singer Aaron Carter appeared to change his tune on Tuesday and insisted he is not cancelling six upcoming shows.

"Don't worry I'll be there for my fans for the shows currently on my site," he tweeted. "My words were misconstrued when I said I was 'canceling' shows. I wasn't referring to my confirmed shows I was getting to shows that are currently on hold."

One of the shows listed on his site is Oct. 4 at Sniggily Wiggily's Beer N' Booze Concreatery in Halifax.

On Monday, Carter said he was "canceling the rest of my shows for the remaining year" to focus on his health. He said he will perform as scheduled this weekend in Kentucky and Missouri. (Carter also vowed to “fly to Vancouver” to donate 400 toys and cash to a toy drive. It’s not clear what event he is referring to but a Sept. 13 tweet suggests it is in Vancouver, Washington.)

“I have to put my health first and I hope you can all understand how much I need this time to heal and recharge my batteries,” he explained, in Monday's tweet. “I’ll be back next year ready to go. But as a man, this is what I need to do to have some peace.”

In episodes of The Doctors that aired last week, Carter opened up about his mental health issues, revealing that he has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety and manic depression. He also said he takes Xanax, Seroquel, gabapentin, hydroxyzine, trazodone and omeprazole.

A drug test administered by the show revealed Carter "tested positive for marijuana, extended opiates, hydrocodone as an example, and benzodiazepine."

The singer, who also revealed a years-long addiction to huffing, described himself as “a drug addict in recovery.”

But, the 31-year-old insisted Monday there is no emergency. “There’s a difference between a ‘mental crisis’ & taking sobriety one day at a time,” he tweeted.

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