Britney Spears Insists: 'I'm Not Having A Breakdown'


Britney Spears reactivated her Instagram account on Sunday and offered an explanation for its absence.

“I took my Instagram down and now it’s back up because I can,” she wrote.

“Nope I’m not having a breakdown … I am who I am and moving forward in my life. I have never felt better !!!

Last week, Spears took to Twitter to address reports that police conducted a wellness check after fans called 911 because she deleted her Instagram account for the seventh time in less than a year.

"As everyone knows the police were called to my home based on some prank phone calls," she wrote. "I love and adore my fans but this time things went a little too far and my privacy was invaded.”

Spears tweeted that police officers "never entered my home and when they came to my gate they quickly realized there was no issue and left immediately.”

The singer said she felt "gaslit and bullied" by media reports of the situation. “During this time in my life, I truly hope the public and my fans who I care so much about can respect my privacy moving forward," she wrote.

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The pop star, who has 42 million followers on Instagram, captioned a photo of a rose with: "Nope, I’m not this girl or that girl … I am River Red … and being able to volumize my voice in a world where I lost my rights … for 15 years … gives me an opportunity to succeed !!! Opportunity to know I matter and maybe if you walked in my shoes, then maybe just maybe you could understand.”

Spears described herself as “boring as hell” and drinks hot chocolate at night. “I’ve waited nearly 15 years to drink alcohol only to realize I hate it !!! It makes me sad and I feel bloated, although food tastes better.”

Spears was released from a conservatorship in November 2021, allowing her to make her own medical, financial and personal decisions for the first time since 2008.

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