Britney Spears, Mom Lynne Spears Make Peace


Britney Spears said Thursday she has reconciled with her mother Lynne Spears.

“My sweet mama showed up at my door step yesterday after 3 years … it’s been such a long time,” she shared in an Instagram post. "With family there’s always things that need to be worked out … but time heals all wounds !!! And after being able to communicate what I’ve held in for an extremely long time, I feel so blessed we were able to try to make things RIGHT !!! I love you so much !!!”

Following the termination of her conservatorship in November 2021, Britney used social media to attack family members.

Even though it was her father calling the shots, Britney said she is “more angry” at her mother because she didn’t speak up for her daughter. “I feel like she could have gotten me a lawyer in literally two seconds,” she said. (Britney was represented at the time by a court-appointed lawyer.)

In response, Lynne shared a message for her daughter on Instagram. “Britney, your whole life I have tried my best to support your dreams and wishes! And also, I have tried my best to help you out of hardships! I have never and will never turn my back on you!

“Your rejections to the countless times I have flown out and calls make me feel hopeless! I have tried everything.”

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In July, the two had a war of words after Britney posted screenshots of text messages about her doctors from 2019 that she claimed Lynne ignored. Lynne responded to Britney's post: “Britney, I have all the ‘whole conversations’ as well! I hurt for you that you feel the people who love you the most betrayed you! Let me come to you! I love you!”

But Britney was having none of it. She fired back with a lengthy message for her mother. “You have some nerve showing your texts when you know you guys hurt me so bad it’s not even funny,” she fumed. “Play the responsible perfect parent and go to church in Louisiana … it’s a joke !!! You all ruined it for me … I don’t ever remember getting a text from you !!!

“You abuse me … yes I will say it and it blows my mind that you still play the prayer loving mom.”

Last December, though, Britney extended an olive branch to Lynne.

“After no coffee for 15 years … Mom we can go have coffee together now !!! I’m treated as an equal … let’s have coffee and talk about it !!!” she wrote on Instagram.

On Thursday, Britney said: “I’m so blessed we can have coffee together after 14 years !!! Let’s go shopping afterwards !!!”

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