Doja Cat Defends 'Scarlet' Album Art


Doja Cat is clashing with social media again, this time defending the artwork for her new album, Scarlet, which is out today (September 22).

The rapper has a history of not-so-friendly interactions with so-called fans on social media, recently telling them “i don’t [love you] though cuz i don’t even know yall,” after one fan criticized her for not sharing love for "Kittenz."

Leading up to the release of Scarlet, one fan tweeted, "Doja Cat never disappoints when it comes to having unique Cover Art’s for her Albums." Of course, another weighed and counted by throwing shade at the newly altered cover for Scarlet, replying, "Until those ugly ass ticks."

Well, that didn't sit well with Doja, who felt the need to explain the decision that went into Scarlet's artwork. 

"The art I chose for my album is beautiful and I like it a lot," she wrote. "The two spiders signify conquering your fear. None of my album covers had meaning until this album."

She then closed with a barbed comment aimed at her haters: "You not accepting me was a fear I used to have. I don't care anymore about satisfying you."

Last month, Doja Cat was called out online for using the same spider image as a German metal band named Chaver. It was revealed that both artists used an image designed by artist Dusty Ray.



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