Ed Sheeran Takes Questions From Kids


Ed Sheeran admits he’s “definitely” worked with people he doesn’t like.

“I’ve worked with a helluva lot of people in my time and I would say 99.9 per cent of them are really great, but of course there’s gonna be one bad egg,” the singer said, in a response to a question from a 10-year-old.

Sheeran agreed to take questions from school children during a recent sit-down with BBC Radio One.

Another 10-year-old wanted to know what was the last lie Sheeran told.

“I try to be very, very honest in my life, because I feel like with lying, you always get caught out,” he replied. “There’s never a point where you don’t get caught out, so I can’t remember the last one, but it was probably a white lie to do with parenting.”

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Sheeran was also asked about whether he will take any more acting roles.

“I actually got asked to do a cameo the other day for a movie, and it’s quite funny, so I might do it,” he said. “I’m not an actor, so if someone goes, ‘Hey, do you wanna be in my movie?’ I will always say yes.”

Asked how much money he has, Sheeran said: “I’ve done alright. I have more than I would ever need.”

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