Harry Styles Reflects On Singing 'River' For Joni Mitchell


Harry Styles has said that performing Joni Mitchell’s 1971 classic “River” in front of the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter was “one of the more nerve-wracking moments of my life.”

Styles reflected on the special moment during an interview with Vancouver's Nardwuar that was recorded during Coachella in April and posted online Friday.

“I did go to her house for, like, a… she had like a Christmas carol singalong thing one time and I was invited by the wonderful Brandi Carlile," Styles recalled, “and it was very fun.

“I wasn’t going to sing anything, and then Brandi kind of volunteered me to sing ‘River,’ which was one of the more nerve-wracking moments of my life, singing ‘River’ in front of Joni Mitchell.

“But yeah, it was pretty special.”

When Styles announced details of his third albumHarry's House, in March, Mitchell gave her stamp of approval. “Love the title,” read a tweet on the 78-year-old’s account. Mitchell has a song titled “Harry’s House” on her 1975 album The Hissing of Summer Lawns

Mitchell's name came up after Nardwuar pointed out that Styles is fond of Canada. The singer replied: “I do like Canada!”

Watch the full interview below:

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