Jimmie Allen Reveals What He Needs Backstage


Jimmie Allen has revealed that he insists there be a three-pack of boxer-briefs waiting for him backstage before his concerts.

“I like to wear brand new underwear when I go on stage,” the 37-year-old singer told Taste of County Nights. “It's just something that feels good.”

Allen said his rider – an artist's list of must-haves – specifies “American Eagle underwear, nine inches, size medium, because I like the long ones” as well as Nike socks.

“I always forget underwear and socks. Always,” he explained. “Last thing I wanna be on stage with leather pants on without underwear. Just not comfortable.”

Allen’s rider also includes Honey Bee graham crackers, Pop Tarts, Martinelli’s sparkling apple juice, Smartwater (“even though I never drink it”) and a sleeve of Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco.

The country star insisted his demands are simple because he doesn’t spend a lot of time backstage. “When I get to a venue, I leave. I'm gone all day. I'm bowling. I'm either bowling or at a casino,” he explained. “So I don’t even hang out.

“I get back maybe 40 minutes before I go on stage and then right after I perform I go back to the casino or the bowling alley.”

Allen performs July 14 at the Cowboys Music Festival in Calgary.

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