Nikki Sixx Accuses Taylor Swift Of 'Whining'


Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx is taking heat on social media after calling Taylor Swift a whiner.

“Is it just me or does Taylor Swift always seems (sic) likes (sic) she’s whining about something new every-time (sic) she’s gonna drop an album?,” the 63-year-old rocker tweeted on Saturday. He added the hashtag “WorIsMeMarketing” (presumably intending “WoeIsMeMarketing").

Swifties and others were quick to pounce on Sixx.

“As a fan of both you and Taylor I am disappointed in you. What a misogynistic, uninformed comment,” tweeted Candice Seeger. “And yea it’s just you!!!”

Sixx’s tweet was likely in response to Swift’s public statement about last week’s Ticketmaster debacle during a presale for her upcoming The Eras Tour. In an Instagram Story on Friday, Swift said it is difficult “to trust an outside entity” and “excruciating for me to just watch mistakes happen with no recourse.”

Many of those who replied to Sixx’s tweet expressed disappointment and some schooled him on timing.

“It’s just you,” wrote one. “p.s.-if you had any idea what’s going on, you’d also know the album’s been out for a month.” Another tweeted: “Umm the album came out a month ago, right? To a pretty regular amount of promotion and not really any ‘whining’?”

Others clapped back with shots at Mötley Crüe. “At least she is still releasing albums and not milking past glory,” one opined. Another tweet read:  “But did she call it a retirement tour?” (Oh, snap.)

Of course, Sixx had some people in his corner. “I mean… he’s not wrong,” one person tweeted.

So far, Swift – who responded to comments by Damon Albarn earlier this year – seems to be shaking off Sixx's comment.

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