Scott Helman Takes On Climate Crisis With 'Evergreen Manuscript'


Scott Helman knows “Everything Sucks” about the climate crisis – and he’s got no “Hang Ups” about doing his part to spark action.

For weeks, the 24-year-old Canadian singer has been collecting his fans’ thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis via an anonymous form on his website.

On Friday, Helman said more than 600 submissions have been compiled into the Evergreen Manuscript.

Helman announced he will be painting a mural on Nov. 21 in Toronto, “where I will illustrate the intimate testimonies contained in the Evergreen Manuscript.”

The event will be livestreamed on Helman's website from 3 to 7pm.

“Those who are in attendance will have an opportunity to add their names and testimonies to the Evergreen Manuscript,” he explained, in a release.

The following day, Helman will release a song he has penned about the climate crisis.

“In the weeks following the event and song release, we will compile a hard copy of the Evergreen Manuscript and present it to elected officials across municipal, provincial, and federal governments,” said Helman.

“I want our leaders to understand the collective anxiety of the people. To feel what we feel, and to act with the same urgency.”

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