Taylor Swift Defends Fan From Overzealous Security Guard


Taylor Swift defended one of her fans from an overzealous security guard during her concert Saturday night in Philadelphia.

In a video clip shared on social media, Swift is performing “Bad Blood” when she looks down from the stage and shouts “She’s fine!” and “She wasn’t doing anything!”

Swift, still singing, reprimanded the security guard. “Hey! Stop!”

Caitlin Gabell came forward Sunday claiming to be the fan Swift was defending. 

“The guard had been harassing our group all night,” she said in a TikTok video. “He kept telling us not to touch the rail and every time we did anything he was on top of us. We were dancing, we were having fun and he didn’t like it.

“It wasn't this big crazy thing, it was just a bunch of girls having a good time, and he didn't want us to have fun.”

Gabell said after Swift called out the guard, he “basically got escorted out and then they offered us free tickets for [Sunday’s concert].”

On social media, other fans commented on overly-aggressive security at the front of the stage.

“They fully kept putting their hands on us to physically push us off of the barricade instead of just telling us to move,” read one tweet. “we weren’t throwing anything, we weren’t screaming anything insane, she was fully coming over to dance and sing with us and it resulted in security being extremely aggressive for no reason.”

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