Travis Scott Plans To Study 'True Passion' At University


Travis Scott has said he wants to study his “true passion” at university.

“I plan to apply to the architecture program at Harvard GSD [Graduate School Of Design] when I’m done with music, which won’t be for a while,” he told PIN-UP. “It would be dope to do both at the same time.”

The 32-year-old rap star enrolled at the University of Texas at San Antonio after graduating from high school but dropped out in his sophomore year to pursue music.

Scott compared brutalism to the music he makes. “I like to take it all in and throw it down. In Brutalist architecture I find comfort in raw materials that serve a purpose.”

Scott said his own home has to feel “comfortable and warm.” He explained: “I like a space I feel matches my brain. The rooms can be their own worlds, but I like to have everything aesthetically connected. I have a dark cream colour going through the house right now that links them all.”

Outdoor space is also important. “I’m finishing the landscape at my house and studio and it’s going to be better than a botanical garden — very vibrant with lots of different flowers,” he shared. “Landscape is very important to me. I love walking around outdoors.”

As for furniture, the rapper admitted a lot of designers create pieces that are underwhelming. “Having an X-factor is key,” he said. “The X-factor is elusive. But even IKEA has an X-factor. They just stay on it, man. It’s the idea of being able to give something to people that’s accessible and can still make their house feel next level. That’s the X-factor. Shout out to IKEA.”

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