Furever Pet - Gabriel

B Mack & Karly Pet Project - Gabriel

My Name is Gabriel


Gabriel is a chatty cat and will talk you up when he’s comfortable. Lovely with most people, even children,
he would be purrfect for someone who understands cats and is looking for a cool companion.


Type Adult Cat Breed Domestic Short Hair
Name & Age Gabriel, 7 Years Colour Male, Tuxedo (Black & White)
Source Owner Surrender Reason in Care Likes to have indoor/outdoor
option, was becoming difficult to
Needs: Health
Special diet to manage weight Special Needs: Behaviour Would be a great candidate for
someone able to give in/out access;
Would LOVE a Catio to himself!


Likes: Enjoys attention, people and other cats are okay; Prefers to be the only star on the scene.
Loves options to go outside. If you have a catio, he would be sooooo happy!!
Dislikes: Being kept indoors exclusively. He likes in/out options.
Best Match A very cool cat will go well with a very cool person. Gabriel is a communicator and will tell
you what he wants even if you don’t want to hear it. Likes cuddles, storytime, and catnip
(keep all those in abundance!). An active home is okay, but he’s probably going to be
happiest if he can have access to come and go, indoor/outdoor. We recommend that you
consider a catio to keep him safe.

Gabriel’s adoption fee is $60 + $23 BC Pet Registry = $83