Virgin 99.9 Kelowna's Community Angels


B Mack and Karly’s Community Angels program is based around our community. YOU HELP DONATE, or RECEIVE A DONATION, from your community! Every year we see our community continue to grow, to contribute, and to make a positive difference. We see the generosity on a daily basis, and want to help showcase and promote local businesses willing to donate a service or product to help make life a little easier for someone who may be struggling and need help. This is FOR the Community, BY the Community!


It's a BakeryWe were first contacted by Registered Nurse Susan who was simply asking for a shoutout for all the KGH Staff working hard, overtime, and pouring their hearts into their field of expertise. We put it out there for our community to hear, and immediately started to receive our first donation! Our first drop-off donation was 150 coffees to the staff at KGH, generously donated by brothers Holger and Walter at It’s a Bakery, with their West Kelowna location donating the goods.



Okanagan Boys Construction


Okanagan Boys Construction are offering a donation of their reno/construction services (for a small job or a discounted rate on a bigger job) to be donated to a recipient who could really use it.


Code Ninjas

Code Ninjas are offering a donation of 4 coding sessions to be donated to a recipient who could their services.



Hypnotic Power
Hypnotic Power Hypnotherapy is offering a donation of hypnotherapy sessions by mobile Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist & Certified Reiki Level 2 practitioner Tara.



True North Guidance

True North Guidance is offering 2 - 45 min sessions (Oracle Reading / Intuitive Tarot from Steven)



Music and Movement for Children

Music and Movement for Children has donated a session of preschool music classes (ages 3-5 years)

If you want to nominate someone in need who could use one of these donations, or if you have a service or product you would like to donate, contact B Mack and Karly in the contact form below.

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