B Mack & Karly on the Weekend

B Mack & Karly

B Mack & Karly put together their favourite breaks from the week and put them on the air for Virgin Radio Kelowna listeners to enjoy one more time!
  • B Mack & Karly's Hallmark Movie Bingo Cards

    It's here in time for the holidays... My BRAINCHILD! It took a lot of humming and hawing, mostly humming, to decide which of these ridiculously predictable things you'll see in nearly every single Hallmark Movie. YES, you can make this into a drinking game...
  • Grenfell Haunted House info for remaining days!

    This place was SO COOL! I took my wife and some friends to 945 Grenfell road to see the free Annual Haunted House, and it did NOT disappoint! What WILL disappoint is if you don't make it there to check it out! So here is the info you need...
  • What happens when you call TONY HAWK's cell phone?

    Tony Hawk is doing something really unique where he is giving out his cell number for us to text him, and by us I mean ANYONE THAT WANTS TO! Seriously... so we did, hence the picture. BUT, we also called him... here's how it went, much to our NON-surprise. :)

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