It's PINK SHIRT DAY today supporting Anti-Bullying


Pink Shirt Day is an incredibly important day that we are so happy to be a part of each year, as it promotes ways to help out with being bullied, and spreads awareness around communities all over. The big thing I personally love is that it gives an eye opener to builies that show them how wrong it is in what they are doing, and what effects it can have on the person they are bullying, long-term. But it also gives hope to those who feel they have nowhere to go, and nothing they can do will help themselves out. WE NEED TO CHANGE THIS, one day at a time.


I've experienced bullying on both ends... In my younger years I was both bullied AND was a bully. Empathy was the reason I saw my bullying ways and made me feel so horrible and disgusted with myself. I think that often when you get bullied, you return that sentiment to others, projecting your own pain, and potentially inflicting it on them. No one who's ACTUALLY cool would be a bully, even though they make believe it will make them more liked. And in some cases, in the short term, it may work out, but eventually bullies usually pay for their ways, in some form. It's an empty battle, and a waste of everyone's time.


Today, and everyday we need to keep our eyes and ears open, and be the positive change/light the world needs. We have to support others, and if they are different than you, don't be afraid about that. Instead, use it as an exciting opportunity to learn about something you had previously never experenced. Thankfully for many years, initiatives are already in place to help make it easier to FIND help when you need it, as well as educate those who dont' know any better or want to learn more about bullying and anti-bullying.


Here's the mission for this year on #PinkShirtDay:

"This Pink Shirt Day, our focus is working together and treating others with dignity and respect. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all and shown the importance of helping one another and advocating for those who need it. Help us “lift each other up” and support programs that encourage healthy self esteem and teach empathy, compassion and kindness.


Here's the link for more info and how you can buy a shirt today!


Let's spread the good word! ~ B Mack