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Mark Drelich - Virgin Radio Kelowna - temporary

Mark has built an online following and is well known for his time spent on the reality show Big Brother Canada, as well as his blog posts about lifestyle, design, local and travel content. Mark can be found on all social media platforms at @themarkdshow

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  • Your chance to sing the Canadian Anthem at a Canucks game!!!

    This is really cool! There's a contest going on right now where you submit an audition video of you singing the Canadian Anthem and then there's a chance you get picked to sing the Canadian Anthem before the game against The Leafs on April 17th. Hopefully it's someone from Kelowna! -Mark D
  • Fruit Loops are now pizza toppings?!

    This was trending a few days back - fruit loops on top of pizza. Blasphemy, I say!
  • You're getting a free postcard in the mail!!!

    The Canadian government is sending out a postcard to every Canadian address in March. The point is to use the postcard to send to someone you love and there will be no postage required. That's kinda neat! Who are you going to send your postcard to? Totally unrelated random fun fact about me btw, I love receiving postcards. -Mark D