Virgin Radio Mornings with B Mack & Karly

B Mack & Karly

B Mack is a Virgin Radio veteran, joined by his new bestie Karly! A duo for over 3 years, #BMackandKarly proudly boast 1st place victories for ‘Best of’ in Kelowna & Central Okanagan for all 3 years. Listen weekdays as they play today's biggest hits, while showcasing entertainment & pop news.

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  • Roo Phelps weekly Wednesday shout out

    Roo is a BOSS BABE, and we've been fans of hers since before Karly and I became partners in radio crime! In fact, when she was on a morning radio show in Kelowna years ago, she was a thorn in our side!! lol We say that because typically radio stations compete against each other, so morning shows kind of compete directly, and her show was always top of the ratings so kudos to her, as she continues to accomplish more goals in not only the broadcasting industry, but in life itself!  Roo is currently the afternoon drive show host on Kelowna’s new Move 101,5 AND she does shows on the newly launched ANOTHER National brand Pure Country, where she got her roots in radio. On her linked in profile, it reads: 4th generation broadcaster. Multi CCMA and BCCMA winner. Author of two best selling books. Writer, Epilepsy Advocate and Psych Major. How cool is it to be able to say you're Canada's only 4th generation broadcaster? She's also an animal lover, a Risk taker, a talent coach, a Christmas fanatic, one hell of a storyteller, and a great listener... lol! There's so much we could say about Roo but we'd have an entire book with many chapters, so we'll just stop here and say we LOVE you, respect you and admire all you bring to the table.  Keep kickin ass, Roo! You're killin it
  • Happy Birthday, Brian! - Jeff Innes of Yukon Blonde

    This is my awesome friend Jeff. He's chilling with our one-eyed pug Lolabear, on his shoulder. He's the coolest. My wife's best friend has been dating him for years now, and we became very close since then. I LOVE this man... here's why! Jeff plays in the band Yukon Blonde but that's not the reason why I love him. Although, the band IS goddamn AMAZING, and if you've never heard them, you should check them out today -  The reason why I love Jeff is he has zero ego, and for such an incredibly talented individual, musician, artist etcetera... he's multi-talented. But it's his general take on life, and how he lives his. Always with something interesting to say, he's actually given me MANY topics for the radio show, without even realizing. You know that feeling when you can be completely comfortable in silence with a friend? He's that guy. And he's a very thoughtful and kind friend, so I'll end it with that, or this may become a love letter to him! THANK YOU for creating this song for me, Jeff! I know it took you all day, but it's SO good and so special... LOVE YA, BABE! 
  • Dr. Bonnie Henry Full Interview with B Mack and Karly

    Things got a little silly with 'Auntie Bonnie', as we call her. She was great, and answered all our ridiculous questions, and laughed a lot. Our mission was to make this the most FUN interview possible, and we think we did it. Find out what she says at the end, as B Mack literally asks her if it was a fun time... :)  Some of the highlights include B Mack insulting her within the first 40 seconds, finding out she loves AC/DC, and DOES NOT OWN A CAR!  Quite possibly our most favourite interview of all time... :)