When a Bon Jovi song brings tons of strangers together in unison

Guy sings Bon Jovi to a park of strangers and it catches on like WILDFIRE!

I wonder if this man INTENDED to bring an entire park of people, who dont' know each other, together with one song. Bon fricken Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer", which most of us know, whether we like it or not... At least the chorus!

I love music so much I decided long ago to base my life around it! What does that mean? I knew I wanted to be surrounded by music. We spend waaaaaay too much time working throughout our lives, and I learned that at a very young age. So you've gotta make it feel like it's not work, right?

And it's not to say it doesn't come along with a lot of hard work and dedication to get paid to do what you love. And it's not always fun! But when I see stuff like what transpired in this video, it reaffirms my decision to base my life around music,

Music will never judge you, or talk badly about you. It will always be there for you, and can bring the world together, with even one song...

~ B Mack