A Christmas Themed Instagram Pop Up has Opened in Kitchener


Tis’ the season for the most festive Instagram pictures!

This past year, you’ve probably noticed “Instagram Pop ups” popping up around North America! This is when a location gets transformed into mini photobooths with Instagram friendly backgrounds.

In the past year, we've seen the Happy Place in Toronto, Spectrum at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener and now Vivid Dreams!

They have 12 different interactive backgrounds for you to take the dreamiest Instagram picture.

There’s a 90’s themed background with a blow up couch!


A Netflix and chill photobooth for your cute Holiday cards


Today is day one of Vivid Dreams 😍 Get your tickets now! Link in bio 🎟

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A mountain of presents to definitely frame over the fireplace

The Vivid Dreams pop up experience is open in KW until November 24th! Can they also think of a clever caption for us?

-Sarah Christie