Have You Tried Self-Grandparenting?


Self -Grandparenting” is the newest form of “self-love.” Have you tried it?

It started with self care and then evolved into self-parenting. This involves things such as eating a proper meal, telling yourself to get to bed on time…adulting!

NOW, it’s evolved into “self-grandparenting!” It’s a term coined by Molly Lambert, a writer and host of the podcast “Night Call.”  It started as a joke but has become a lifestyle that people are really leaning into!



Self-grandparenting is all about the simple pleasures! If you’re into slow living, treating yourself, noticing the things around you, you might be living that self-grandparenting life!

If you were to truly live like your grandparents, what would that look like for you? I’d be eating homemade pudding for breakfast and watching 6+ hours of Storage Wars.



-Sarah Christie