Woman Tries to Sell Her Husband on Facebook After He Shrinks Her Pants

Has someone else ever ruined your clothes in the laundry?

A woman from Michigan is mourning the loss of her $199 pants after her husband shrunk them in the laundry! They were a knitted pair of pants from the Australian brand, Spell and the Gypsy and are now fitted for a toddler.

The woman jokingly made a Facebook post about the mishap, trying to sell her husband to make back the money she lost on the pants. The post even included a “shame” picture of her husband holding the tiny pants. 


This post resulted in a wave of Facebook users sharing similar stories about clothes they’ve lost because someone else did their laundry.

One person commented saying, “My husband is also banned from washing anything of mine after washing and throwing a very expensive and much treasured silk shirt in the dryer.”

Has this happened to you? When I was a kid, I inherited a full garbage bag of new clothes that my neighbour’s grandpa had accidentally shrunk. Whoops!

- Sarah Christie