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  • Bus Driver Fired After Returning Lost Wallet Sues

    Proof that no good deed goes unpunished. A TTC bus driver who was fired for returning a lost wallet is now suing for $3 Million dollars.
  • Super Bowl LV Prop Bets

    You can bet on just about anything to do with the Super Bowl. We talked about some of the most ridicules prop bets this year. 
  • Waterloo Region Box Stores Were Busted For Not Following Covid Guidelines

    For three weeks now, police and bylaw officers have been focusing on big box stores, and checking to make sure they are complying with Covid guidelines. Sadly, we got a worse grade than Toronto, and Hamilton. 
  • Waterloo Region's Covid Reactions This Weekend

    For three weeks now, police and bylaw officers have been focusing on big box stores, and checking to make sure they are complying with Covid guidelines, sadly, we got a worse grade than Toronto, and Hamilton. Trinity Bible Chapel held a service on Sunday, but not inside the building, and despite all this people in the Region Of Waterloo are not listening to the science. 
  • The Worlds Most Annoying, and Most Satisfying Sounds

    Today we chatting about the best, and WORST sounds in the entire world. 
  • Yes, Or B.S Super Bowl LV Edition

    Here's how the game words, we give you a 'fact' about the Super Bowl, and you need to decide if it's true, or total B.S. 
  • Put A Finger Down Every Time You Like One Of These Dad Rock Songs

    We guarantee whether you are a dad or not, you'll love at least 10 out of these 13 dad rock songs. 
  • We HAD to Make Madi Pengelly From Kitchener Our Ray Of Sunshine

    Our Ray Of Sunshine today is Madi Pengelly from Kitchener! Madi is a single mom who has dedicated 10 years of her life to volunteering with the Kitchener Ice Pirates, a team for children and young adults with mental disabilities and physical limitations. Despite not being a skater, she spends many Saturdays running drills with the players, and gave up entire weekends to help fundraise for the team. For obvious reasons, the team hasn't been able to hit the ice this season but Madi wants to keep awareness of the Ice Pirates, and teams like it alive because these programs are so important to the kids and families who get involved. If you want to nominate a Ray Of Sunshine tell us about them here: 
  • Help Support Mental Health Care AND Win Some Cash For Yourself This Bell Lets Talk Day

    This Bell Lets Talk day, we spoke to Paul McIntyre Royston from the Grand River Hospital Foundation about an amazing way that you can not only help donate money to support mental health care, you can win a little cash for yourself! Tickets for the Grand River 50/50 draw are available until the end of January, and are available at
  • Dan Young From Carizon Has Some Tips To Help Us Battle Mental Health Issues Right NOW

    This year is the 11th annual Bell Lets Talk day.  Our goal is to end the stigma, and have a conversation about mental health and how it affects us all. We spoke to Dan Young, child and family therapist from Carizon about some things you can do right this minute to help battle mental health, and resources that you can seek 24/7.
  • Rachelle Said She Was 87% Intelligent So We Put Her To The Test

    Rachelle called to say one of her biggest pet peeves was people being condescending because she is very intelligent, so we put her to the test with 'The Smartest Person In KW'! (*photo submitted by Rachelle herself) 
  • KW Debated The Best Grilled Cheese Recipe

    Grilled cheese was at the top of the list of peoples favourite comfort foods in 2020. Not surprisingly, there are a ton of different recipes! Are KW residents fans of the classic recipe, or fancy?