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  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 18

    Today on the show we talked about the top three songs of 2020, but a lot of us are leaning on music from years before the awful year that was 2020. We wanted to know what older song have you been listening to to remind you of better times? Cash revealed how little he knows about car maintenance. We talked about the little things that that we did in 2020 that made us feel better. Our 'Deep Thoughts' were about wikipedia, being healthy, and microwaves. Our 'Ray Of Sunshine' was an invention that will keep buffets alive. Justin Bieber was on Ellen talking about being ready to have kids, so we wanted to know, how did YOU know you were ready? 'Trending With Rae' Elliot Page came out as transgender, Drake has a new candle that smells like him, we found out why Ryan Gallagher was kicked off The Voice, Vin Diesel is being called a hero, and Youtube released their top trending videos of 2020. 
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 17

    Today on the show: A kid very incorrectly informed his mom how peacocks got their name, so we wanted to know, is there anything that you thought was true when a kid? Most people believe that 2021 is going to be better than 2020, but Cash is NOT one of those people. Today was our first non-snow day in KW, we now call them "weather impacted learning days", and kids will go to school virtually. So we want to know, what will your "weather impacted learning day" look like? Our 'Deep Thoughts' were about billionaires, skin, and a TV show idea that is a twist on The Bachelor In Paradise. We played a family edition of 'Who Want's To Be A Millionaire' with Pearson, Liam and Lucas. Our 'Ray Of Sunshine' was a woman who paid it forward after her son's 7th birthday parade. We played a game of 'Is Cardi B a jerk? She had 37 people over for dinner on Thanksgiving, and is now apologizing. The 'Cash Files' were about a stolen ukulele, the 911 burp caller, and a Dave Chappelle impersonator. Rae wants to cut down her own Christmas Tree, and you came through to help with suggestions! ‘Trending With Rae’ last night was the Disney Holiday Singalong, and a stars 9 year old daughter stole the show, Ice T is being called a jerk for his reaction to his father in laws covid diagnosis, Mel C is giving us hope for a Spice Girls reunion with ALL 5 MEMBERS, Travis Scott has no second thoughts about his partnership with McDonalds, and Felicity Huffman got her first post prison gig. 
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 16

    The snow is falling in KW, so of course we talked about those crusty snow piles Canadians know and love. George Clooney bought something from an infomercial that he still uses 25 years later! We talked about your infomercial purchases. In 'The Cash Files' We talked about turkeys being the new cinder blocks, a guy who had a coin stuck up his nose for more than 50 years, and a guy who cooked a steak in an airplane bathroom. We heard that Amazon employees were getting a $300 Christmas bonus, the question is... was that enough? Our 'Deep Thoughts' were about locks in a police locker room, the word tea, and convincing people of things on the internet. Jake tried to become the smartest person in the world with 'Who Want's To Be A Millionaire'. Cash thinks he made a huge mistake with his dog Finnegan. It's Cyber Monday so we talked about what NOT to do when you're online shopping, and shouted out local businesses that have online options. 'Trending With Rae' Ryan Reynolds definitely does NOT want a street named after him, Jennifer Lawrence's family farm burned down, Justin Trudeau fell for a prank call, Gordon Ramsey has a new restaurant with a $105 burger on the menu, and we can add Halsey to the list of artists who aren't happy with the Grammy nominations. 
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 15

    We talked about goals and resolutions, how did your plans vs your reality go for 2020? In 'The Cash Files' an unlikely comedian said they were approached about hosting Jeopardy, a forceful breather was accused of assault, and a man was arrested after he alerted the government as to where and when he was going to commit a crime. We talked about the stages of the pandemic, Rae hit a new stage... texting your ex. The Oxford english dictionary couldn't choose just one word of the year so they picked several. Sales of Chess sets are way up thanks to The Queens Gambiton Netflix, so we talked about hobbies or things that you picked up after seeing them in a TV show or movie. 'Trending With Rae' Miley Cyrus got candid about falling off the wagon, there is a new hero in the Star Wars universe... Jeans Guy! Jeopardy is going to try out a series of different hosts next year, Rihanna confirmed whether or not she would be in the new Black Panthermovie, Shawn Mendes is starting his own production company, and a winner was chosen on Dancing With The Stars! Thanks for listening!
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 14

    KW is in the red zone when it comes to covid-19, so what are the new rules and restrictions? A survey of 2000 people revealed that they would pay on average $305 dollars for a single pre covid day, so we asked you, how much would YOU pay, and what would you do? Our 'Deep Thoughts' today were about haircuts, trains, and use of the word brother. Alfonso Ribeiro who plays Carleton on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air wasn't there when the original Aunt Viv reunited with the cast. He said it was because he was busy, but we think he's holding a grudge! 'Trending With Rae' Tyler Perry spent his weekend giving back, a director was caught making fun of an actors apartment while on a zoom audition, plans are coming together for the Black Panther sequel, someone died while filming the reboot of Wipeout, and Post Malone revealed why he got his face tattoos. And everyone has two voices, their real voice and their customer service voice and the results are hilarious! 
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 13

    There were fireworks on last nights episode of The Bachelorette! We took a look at the #1 songs from the past 4 decades. The PS5 came out last week, Cash had a chance to get his hands on one but didn't! Our 'Deep Thoughts' today were about auto correct, Kangaroos, and binge watching.  Most women like a man with a little facial hair, but there is a catch! 'Trending With Rae' Peoples Sexiest Man Alive was announced, but it was a Canadian on the list everyone was talking about, a popular game from our childhood is being made into a television show, we have a new top 3 richest people in the world, Kazakhstan is still not happy about the new Borat movie, and Gwen Stefani is being replaced on The Voice.  Our 'Cash Files' included a terrible getaway, a new flavour of Pepsi, and something in your medicine cabinet could kill the coronavirus. George Clooney confirmed a rumour about himself that has been around since 2013. Mike tried his hand with Who Want's To Be A Millionaire. Our 'Ray Of Sunshine' was a Walmart employee who saved someones life while they were on break.  
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 12

    On the podcast today, the holidays are upon us and there is one thing that 25% of us plan to do. Its national 'un-friending day' we have three questions that you should ask yourself before you unfriend someone, and your top reasons for un-friending! Our 'Deep Thoughts' were about big vs little spoons, bricks, the fun police, and remembering. 'Trending With Rae' The Rock's new movie has to rethink some scenes for a hilarious and very necessary reason, Taylor Swifts masters have been sold again, snow days have been cancelled in the Region Of Waterloo, there is trouble in paradise already for our latest Bachelorette couple, and Alec Baldwin is trading in his Donald Trump character for a new sitcom. Sarah tried her luck with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Our 'Ray Of Sunshine' is about a dog that survived a 70 ft fall. Thanks for listening! 
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 11

    The name Karen has been dragged through the mud in 2020, and it's affecting their dating life. It begs the question, do names really matter when your dating, and would you date someone with the same name as a family member? The Region Of Waterloo has moved into the Orange zone when it comes to Covid-19 restrictions, so what does that actually mean for local businesses? 'Trending with Rae' Kanye West might want to leave the United States, People are talking about Ellen's acceptance speech at the E! Peoples Choice Awards, Marvel is planning for Black Panther 2, Police caught the guy responsible for assaulting Rick Moranis, and Forbes released their list of the highest paid dead celebrities. Our 'Deep Thoughts' were about grocery stores running out of essential items, restaurant forks, and hiding your phone. Today is National Fast Food Day so we played 'Yes or B.S' fast food edition. Edward tried his hand at 'Who Want's To Be A Millionaire'. Our 'Ray Of Sunshine' was about a 9 year old who's dream of owning a puppy finally came true. We found out that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were not the original celebrities that producers wanted to star in Bad Boys, and the movie was almost COMPLETELY different. All that and more, thanks for listening! 
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 10

    Today on the show we heard from an 'expert' that things could be getting back to normal sooner than later because of the Covid-19 vaccine. Unfortunately this new vaccine could come with a side effect that is a pretty big down side. We have always wanted to know what our pets are thinking... good news, someone created an app that promises to translate your cat's meow. The app was pretty good, but we did our own cat translations that were much more accurate! Our 'Deep Thoughts' today were about animals and the digestive system. 'Trending With Rae' Ellen had to fire 17 staff members, Kate Winslet broke a record that was set by Tom Cruise, Ticketmaster has a plan for when they can start selling tickets again, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a problem with what he saw on Veterans Day, and a judge decided that techno music is real music, so of course DEBATE TIME. We debated if clubs are technically concert venues, does that make DJ's musicians? Our 'Ray Of Sunshine' is about a man who was traveling the world after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, but got stuck in Peru when the pandemic hit. When he arrived home... he got a miracle! Thanks for listening!  
  • Cash & Rae The Podcast Ep. 9

    Today on the show we mourned the loss of Alex Trebek the only way you can... by playing Jeopardy, and we talked about whether the show should end after Alex's final episodes airs, or they should find a new host. Last night was elimination night on Dancing With The Stars and we can't BELIEVE who was kicked off the show. One of the Miss America contestants had a rough time answering her question, but it turns out it's harder than it sounds - trust us we tried! Our 'Deep Thought's' today were about the Queen, ghosts, and popcorn. 'Trending With Rae' things have been looking up for the viral 'Dreams' skateboarder, CBS is making a change, the adult book store near Four Seasons Total Landscaping isn't happy, and Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy has a new gig. Our 'Ray Of Sunshine' was about something awesome that happened to Becky Hood. All that are more, thanks for listening!  
  • Cash & Rae The Podcast Ep. 8

    Today was our first SNOW DAY of the year, and Cash almost had a heart attack! We had a discussion about the time change. Rae says we should CANCEL it, and of course, Cash disagrees. Rae was called our for saying "literally the dumbest thing" she has ever said. On 'The Cash Files' someone who didn't want to be saved from "day drinking in a tree", three grown men who got stuck in the same dryer, and a con artist who actually talked someone into buying Aladdin's Lamp. We talked about some things to look forward to in November. 'Trending With Rae' - Laurie Laughlin started her prison sentence, Adele turned down $50 Million dollars, Sean Connery passed away, and someone in town got a fine for having a Halloween party. Cash introduced us to the cheeseburger pizza.. delicious or gross? Our 'Deep Thoughts' were about rodeos, the dark side of Halloween, and apartment sounds. Rae didn't get a single trick-or-treater... and she took it hard. Cash on the other hand had kids almost coming into his home, maskless! All that and more! Thanks for listening! 
  • Cash & Rae The Podcast Ep. 7

    Today we talked about the idea of a reverse Santa Clause parade in KW, is this the future of parades? Cash worked from home for a couple of days last week for the first time, and understands the dark side of working from home, so we had a real mental health check in. In 'The Cash Files' a guy from Florida stole a bulldozer to attack lawn signs, neighbours in California are fighting over lawn art, and one mom had a HILARIOUS response when her son called from prison. Our 'Deep Thoughts' were about Nigerian Prince emails, people who are older than are you, and grocery store music. 'Trending With Rae' Meghan Markle is trying to get a video removed from the internet, Cheryl Burke suffered a head injury while rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars, Taylor Swift just hit a milestone, Harry Styles is making an investment into the future of live music, Kazakhstan is finally accepting Borat, and the nominations are in for the AMAs. Jared tried his hand at Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Our Ray Of Sunshine was a local couple that finally got married after 8 months of separation, and a cancer diagnosis.