Cat rescued from bottom of 10-foot window well during storm

This eight-month-old cat was found cold and hungry at the bottom of a 10-foot window well. (Source: Guelph Humane Society)

An eight-month-old cat may have been seeking shelter in a 10-foot-deep window well when Saturday's storm rolled in, the Guelph Humane Society believes.

The GHS says it was called to an apartment building at Gordon and Waterloo streets after a passerby heard the cat's meows from the window well.

"GHS suspects she may have sought refuge from the storm in the window well," a news release from the agency reads in part.

She was cold, lonely and hungry when she was found trapped at the bototm, but the humane society says she's since been resting.

The feline had no identification or microchip, but the humane society says it's hopeful they can reunite her with an owner.

The humane society is reminding pet owners how dangerous it can be for cats and other animals to be left outside in severely cold temperatures.

"Extreme cold is life-threatening to your pet and it is important that pet owners take all precautions to ensure their pet's welfare," says Associate Director Lisa Veit in a news release.

The humane society recommends taking care when walking dogs, too, by paying attention to their paws, ears and nose.

Dogs can suffer from frostbite or hypothermia. If your dog starts walking with a limp or lifts its paws, should be taken to a warm place right away.

"Pets, in general, may want to be outside, but it is the responsibility of the pet owner to know what is best for them – the safety and warmth of your home," the news release goes on.

If you see an animal left outside in cold weather, the GHS asks that you call them right away.