Your Horoscope For Tuesday June 14th

  • Aries – Today you’re going to have a serious look at your life.  Are you doing anything substantial, or are you just going through the motions? Mars is in your Eleventh House (of Aspirations and Personal Goals) helping you figure out a way to add more to your life. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is red.


  • Taurus – Saturn is in your Fourth House (of Family, Home, Roots and Security) to clear up your home life. Take a break from trying to fix everything on your own and allow other people to help you. This is going to bring your family closer than ever before. Your day is a 7.  Your energy color is white.


  • Gemini – Someone close to you is doing their best to exert their will and power over you. With Mars in your Second House (of Self-Worth and Money) it will be easier for you to stay strong and not give into them. You don’t like to be bossed around and you may even flip the script and boss them around. Your day is a 9.  Your energy color is yellow.


  • Cancer – You’re going to have to tread lightly while navigating through tough times with your friends. Remember your body language says so much so make sure your actions are matching with what you’re saying. Neptune is going to be in your Third House (of Communication) and will help you navigate through this tough day. Your day is a 5.  Your energy color is purple.


  • Leo – Neptune is in your Tenth House (of Career, Profession and Responsibility) having you approach your day in a different way. You’re going to have to turn down some fun invites to make sure everything gets done. This is going to be hard for you, but thanks to Neptune you’ll be able to do it without hesitation.  Your day is a 7. Your energy color is blue.


  • Virgo – You have friends who are having some issues and you seem to be the point person. You’re going to have to remove your emotions and thoughts to navigate through this tricky situation. Jupiter is in your Ninth House (of Belief Systems and Higher Learning) to help you through this time.  Your day is a 7.  Your energy color is maroon.


  • Libra – You’re going to be invited to be some group activities today;  don’t bail on them even if you’re tired. The Sun is in your Fifth House (of Self-Expression, Creativity, Pleasure and Romance) giving you the extra boost of energy needed to go out and have some fun! If you don’t go, you’re going to regret it. Your day is a 10.  Your energy color is pink.


  • Scorpio – Mercury is in your Twelfth House (of Soul Growth and Undoing, Privacy and Secret) to suggest that it’s time to take a breather. You’re going to need to take some time to regroup and recharge your emotional batteries before you go any further. Your day is an 8. Your energy color is green.


  • Sagittarius – You may wake up feeling a little under the weather and not wanting to go anywhere. It’s probably the best course of action for today, so just stay in and relax. The Moon is in your Sixth House (of Work and Health) shifting the focus to you and your health. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is rose gold.


  • Capricorn – You’re definitely not yourself, you’re overthinking literally everything and it’s not going to serve you well. Because of this it’s not the best time to be making rash decisions. Things are going to change once Neptune is in your First House (of Self-Image) to remind you just who you are. Your day is an 8. Your energy color is black.


  • Aquarius – A close friend is in need of your love and attention today; make sure you are present and focused on them. Mars is in your Seventh House (of Partnership and Marriage) to help you connect to them and reassure them of how much they mean to you.  Your day is a 9.  Your energy color is orange.


  • Pisces – Venus is in your Eighth House (of Transformation and Sexuality) and your attention is turned to your partner. You’re not only going to increase your closeness by your intimacy but you’re also going to find other ways to serve the person you love. Your day is a 9.  Your energy color is brown.