Feeling blue? Here's a little colour to brighten up your day

Did you catch Wednesday's magnificent pink sunset in southern Ontario? If not, don’t worry! CTV Kitchener viewers have you covered, sharing spectacular photos of the vibrant sky.

Sue Paleczny shared this photo of the sun setting from their balcony in Kitchener.

Here's a look at the warm colours over a field of snow, from Lisa Kuntze.

Rick Seguin captured the sunset from the bluffs in Goderich.

This was what the view looked like in Punkeydoodles Corners, from Marlene.

"Mother Nature at her best," said Doug Einwechter in Haysville.

Several people took to social media too, sharing images of the stunning sky. 

@ShannBradbury it was stunning tonight in #westmontrose pic.twitter.com/yXG8o6Xnon

— Dee Brun (@OnceADeeva) January 20, 2021

@ShannBradbury the volunteers are flooding the community rink in Elora with the beautiful pink background. Even the ice is pick. #lovevolunteers #canadarocks pic.twitter.com/eqm4y9UaIo

— Zigs (@WarrenZiegler) January 20, 2021

@ShannBradbury the sunset was spectacular in Ayr! pic.twitter.com/7teuu3JFJ4

— Lisa Fanjoy (@GreytMomma) January 20, 2021

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