Marianas Trench on The Laura Geddes Show


Mike and Matt from Marianas Trench sat down with Laura Geddes before their show at Centre in  the Square in Kitchener January 24th!

0:22 - Mike & Matt talk about their love of pre-flying

1:06 - The new problem the guys have on tour

2:15 - Favourite Phantoms song to play on tour

3:04 - Advice for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle living in their hometown

4:03 - Laura goes through Matt's old tweets

6:45 - Mikes advice for new parents with a budding career

7:42 - What Mike & Matt do to keep their mental health in check on the road

9:06- What video games do Marianas Trench play on tour

9:23 - How was filming the "Don't Miss Me?" video

10:55 - Laura surprises the guys with her dog