Justin Trudeau Sparks Pop Hit 'Speaking Moistly'


The hottest dance track this week has a decidedly retro synth-pop vibe and features vocals by Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

“Speaking Moistly” was created by YouTube user “anonymotif” after Trudeau uttered – and immediately regretted – the phrase while talking about face masks during one of his daily COVID-19 briefings.

“Ok, we had to autotune this,” the video’s creator tweeted.

The catchy remix has quickly became a, well, viral hit. “This makes me proud to be Canadian,” one person commented on Reddit. “It’s a catchy song, done without malice, while making light of a crazy situation – and you know Trudeau will like it. Great job whoever made it.”

As the user name suggests, the identity of “anonymotif” is not known. They posted a similar remix featuring Alberta premier Jason Kenney in early April, as well as one in 2014 using clips of Toronto’s then-mayor Rob Ford.

“Speaking Moistly,” though, is the most popular, with over 713,000 views in its first 24 hours on YouTube.

“THANK YOU everyone for watching and sharing! I’m blown away,” read a tweet by the video’s creator. “Awesome to see so many people enjoying the new video! Almost makes that 3 hours of sleep not feel like 3 hours of sleep.”

On YouTube, one person offered important advice. “The views on this are doubling every hour. Please only share this with at most one person, and only people within your own home. Only watch it when it is absolutely necessary. Together we can flatten the curve.”

Watch "Speaking Moistly" below: