Dua Lipa Calls Paparazzi 'Anxiety-Inducing'


Dua Lipa says she has watched the documentary Framing Britney Spears and can relate to being pursued by paparazzi.

"The feeling of going down the street and they’re trying to catch you in this very awkward picture — it can be anxiety-inducing, honestly,” the 25-year-old pop star told The Los Angeles Times. “And Britney’s time was pre-Instagram when everything was purely about the tabloids, and there were no laws in place about what paparazzi were allowed to do.

“She was being harassed — that’s exactly what it was.”

Lipa lamented paparazzi pics that show celebrities “looking nuts after you’ve just woken up trying to get to the gym.”

The “Don’t Start Now” singer said she has become a more private person since becoming famous.

“I probably censor myself more than I used to,” she said. “I also don’t love the idea of making music for headlines or for controversy.”

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