The Killers Legal Team Unable To Corroborate Sex Assault Claim


Lawyers for The Killers said Monday they are unable to corroborate allegations of sexual assault by the band’s crew members more than a decade ago.

Chez Cherrie, who had a three-week gig with The Killers as a sound tech in 2009, took to Twitter late last month claiming members of the crew boasted about sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in a dressing room at a Milwaukee concert venue.

Cherrie first shared the allegations in a September 2018 blog post that did not name the band. No one in The Killers was implicated.

Nevada law firm Reynolds & Associates, which investigated Cherrie’s story at the request of the band, said in a statement that "accusations of sexual misconduct and a sexual assault backstage... were discovered to be entirely unfounded.”

The alleged victim told the lawyers she and a friend were indeed backstage at the show but were never left alone in a dressing room. Venue staff noted that dressing rooms “were interconnected and without doors” and catering personnel said “at no point did they see or hear of a drunk or naked woman in any dressing room.”

According to the statement, Cherrie admitted she was relying upon second- and third-hand claims.

Still, The Killers’ lawyers said the band has committed to provide an “off-site independent HR contact” for crew members on future tours.

“The Killers would like to take this opportunity to assure their fans – and the families of their current crew – that their tours are a safe, familial and professional working environment.”

Cherrie responded to the investigation on Twitter. “I am beyond relieved that the tour was able to find this woman, and she is reportedly fine,” she wrote.

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