WATCH: Karol G Falls Down Stairs During Miami Concert


Colombian star Karol G was injured Friday night when she fell down stairs while performing in Miami.

Flanked by six dancers, the 30-year-old stumbled on the top step and tumbled to the bottom of the staircase in front of a sold-out crowd at FTX Arena. Video of the heart-stopping moment shows one dancer rushing to her aid.

Karol G quickly stood up and resumed performing.

Many fans noted that the singer’s vocals continued to play during the fall.

The singer later addressed the tumble. “All my nails broke,” she said, in Spanish. “I think my knee broke. Everything hurts.

“After having filled this arena for the first time in my life… I wanted it to be perfect.”

Karol G, who is on the Bichota Tour, performed as scheduled in Puerto Rico on Sunday. She heads home to Colombia for stadium shows on Dec. 4 and 5.


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