Province warns high wind may push water levels higher in Manitoba lakes


Cottage owners and campers along the south basin of Lake Manitoba are in for some high winds over the next few days.

The province’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre has issued a high wind effect warning for the area starting June 30, 2022. An incoming weather system could bring strong, sustained gusts up to 60 kilometres per hour. This would cause already high water levels to rise even higher – up to five feet according to Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure.

The affected areas start at Oak Point and continue around the southern basin of the lake to a point near Langruth and portions of the north basin around the Narrows.

The wind effect may also be strong along the southern shores of Lake Winnipeg, Lake Winnipegosis and Dauphin Lake. Residents are advised to take any necessary precautions and motorists in the area should drive carefully.

The province says several communities continue to be affected by flooding. A complete list of flood warnings, watches and high water advisories is available at